Minopolis 2013 (First Half)

First Half of 2013

minopolis_1stHalf_2013_16 minopolis_1stHalf_2013_15
minopolis_1stHalf_2013_13 ??????????
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minopolis_1stHalf_2013_21 minopolis_1stHalf_2013_20
minopolis_1stHalf_2013_19 minopolis_1stHalf_2013_18
Museum of the Minoan People, Minopolis Some trees there, Minopolis
Towers on Minopolis Gormitis in the city
Ministry of Defense, Minopolis SM Minopolis Premier
Michael Anico Jaurigue Gallery of Arts Signage upon entering the city proper along Axial Avenue
Minopolis Stock Exchange Center in the Centennial Financial District minopolis_south_road
Minopolis Medical Center Greenwalk Block
Department of State Defence Minopolis International Convention Center
minopolis_1stHalf_2013_17 minopolis_1stHalf_2013_14

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