The Cosmopolitan Tower

Entrance, Cosmopolitan Tower
The Cosmopolitan Tower
The Cosmopolitan Tower

This is my first personal project that was finished this year. The Cosmopolitan Tower is a 3G Type skyscraper with extended features using metallic grayish paint. It is also my first structure to use two colors of glass like materials for window facade. Construction started on January 2 and finished on January 19, making it one with the fastest project facing development in less than a month.

The initiative for making this structure is to compete with the soon to be Trump Tower Manila. The  Cosmopolitan Tower is my first residential skyscraper.

Cosmopolitan Tower
Cosmopolitan Tower showing a large pool

Classifying the  Cosmopolitan Tower to 3G Type structure is crucial since a lot of new styles and construction strategies were made in the structure. Aside from using metallic paint, the design also renders diagonal beam like structures which is unique from my other 3G Type buildings. The building has a large open space in the lobby with transparent doors, windows and walls.

Cosmopolitan Tower
Cosmopolitan Tower

Below are additional specifications of the Cosmopolitan Tower:

Official Name Cosmopolitan Tower
Nickname: Fortress One
Floors: 72
Imaginary height: 350meters
Actual height without the spire: 35 centimeters
Actual height with the spire: 37.5 centimeters
Office: 3rd – 30th floors
Hotel: 31st – 64th floors
Pool: 65th
Shops and Restaurants:  66th – 69th
Observation decks: 70th – 72nd