Fulfilling pre-Christmas Activity

Mid-December, 2011. A call for help for thousands of families in the Northern Mindanao became a national attention after being hit by tropical storm Sendong (Washi).  Large number of people died and a lot  are still missing. Christmas was getting sooner. And that was most difficult Christmas for the people of Northern Mindanao.

I was in Manila those days, not affected by the horrifying tropical storm that put ends to thousands of lives. All I can remember, the tragedy was the headline of all the national news. I had this personal desire to help. I gave some ready to eat goods. Maybe, that would help, but what I gave was so small. There was this inside me, feeling like not contented. I want to give or do more that I would feel like it will matter bigger than a P500 worth of grocery items. But I don’t know how.

KAPWA sa UPLB resident members at the last day of their donation collection

KAPWA sa UPLB resident members at the last day of their donation collection

December 24. I was in San Pablo City, my hometown, and my girlfriend and I decided to visit out org’s activity to help the victims of Sendong. Both of us are alumni of Kapatirang Pitong Lawa sa UP Los Banos (KAPWA sa UPLB). That was their last day of the collection. And I was so surprised how these kids got all the donations that they have!

photo by Francis Emralino

photo by Francis Emralino

photo by Francis Emralino

Sacks of clothes and boxes of foods. It could fill a whole passenger jeepney. Inspite of the rain, the members were able to bring the donations to LBC in San Pablo City Plaza where goods will be shipped to Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City for free. 

The sacks were heavy and they are not that easy to carry while raining. Thanks to one of our alumnus who let his jeep be used to transfer the goods and to one of my brod’s friend who offered his tricycle. The heavier and the bigger the sack that I was carrying that time, the better and lighter the feeling because I know, what I was holding can help a lot.

KAPWA sa UPLB is not aiming for credit for doing such things. It is just part of it’s objectives for community service. Sooner, the donations will reach the people of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. And I am glad to imagine that these things small things can help them to stand again.

Merry Christmas! It was just fulfilling. 🙂


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