Naming NAIA as worst is good!

We got the throne! According to, for this year 2011, our very own Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 soars to the top!

A screen shot from showing NAIA Terminal 1 got the crown!

A screen shot from showing NAIA Terminal 1 got the crown!

And for CNN’s travel site (,1), we still have the name! We’re a runner up for being the 5th placer.

We got all these news from the past months. And I don’t what to elaborate how they come up with these rankings. In broader sense,theses are all about surveys. These are the ordinal descriptions that came from travelers about the country’s main aviation gateway. The bigger deal with this is that it is the Terminal 1 that was named the worst. NAIA’s Terminal 1 is the hub of foreign airlines and flag carriers in the country’s busiest airport. This terminal is the port destination of most of the foreign tourists from all over the globe . It is just uneasy to think that Filipinos’ hospitality might be marked by a not so good terminal that will welcome our visitors. Terminal 2 is better but it houses the port of the Philippine Airlines. Terminal 3 for me so far is the best but it handles local carriers.

Terminal 1 was completed in 1981 and  designed to hold 4.5 million travelers a year.  A rapid increase in the passenger movement in NAIA has seen since 2003. The construction of Terminal 2 and the new Terminal 3 were part of the airport’s expansion to compensate the growing number of travelers. However, foreign airliners were not moved to port in a larger terminal. Expansion of the airport by claiming land areas is not feasible for it is nested in the middle of a vast metropolitan build-up.

I’m not against the people who named NAIA’s Terminal 1 as worst. I think, I’ll be the first who will say thanks to them. The explosion of these memes became a wake up call for the Philippines’ position in the international aviation community. There will be no action for upgrading our international gateway without these rankings. There will be no greater urge for the development of Clark’s DMIA without this kind of news.

Bangkok has new Suvarnabhumi International Airport since 2006. And today, they are expanding it to have more than 2 parallel runways. Jakarta has invested to build larger airport and now they have Soekarno–Hatta International Airport. Our neighboring countries are way ahead from us in aviation infrastructure. I might infer that a good airport can open wider market in tourism and globalization. It is a fact that the Philippines is not the poorest nation. But poor and slow development might put us at the bottom.



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