A Real Pursuit of Happiness

Taeho and his younger brother

These images destructed me and I can’t help but remembering and remembering those captures the whole day. With my full desire to know the story behind theses photos, I tried to use  Google Image search until  I found this video on Youtube.

Taeho is eleven years old now as I am working on this blog post. He was born with no arms. In total, he has eight disorders. But I was amazed that he can do lots of things with his feet, almost similar to normal kids. He can eat, brush his teeth and even take his clothes off. He never complains about his life and never complains about anything. He is just a happy kid and contented for what God gave him.

I will never forget about these photos (the two photos above). These pictures will always remind that the world should have no place for  insecurities and for too much desire to acquire something that you don’t have. We have so much things to thank for. It is just how we need to look on everything. It is just getting the best from what we have.


6 thoughts on “A Real Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Yeah, and every day you see able bodied people complain about what life has given them. Sometimes we’re even approached by big bodied men who can probably pummel us to “giniling” and then they would ask you for money.

    That’s why I admire people who are physically challenged yet insist on telling the world to not call them “disabled”. They live life to the full and we actually have a lot to learn from them.

    We have indeed so many things to be thankful for.

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