Post-modern Architecture from a Programmer

A lot of people thought that I was an architecture or a civil engineering graduate, that even our neighbors never thought that I am a software developer. And for me, yes, there were times that I almost forgot that I am a programmer. If there is this thing called freedom of expression, well I guess working with my hobby is my best way of practicing it.

LG MegaCity Tower

Lgo (upper-left), PointCore PLaza and LG MegaCity Tower (right), LG MegaCity Tower at nigh (lower-left)

From February to July 2011, a half-year long  development created my first 4G Type* (fourth generation) skyscraper. This type is advanced with red lights and crown lights unlike the 3G Type (PointCore Plaza is a 3G Type*). The development took long due to time constraints during the months from March to May.

Structural Design

The LG MegaCity Tower aimed to be my tallest and most advanced skyscraper. The design was inspired by Makati’s PBCom Tower and The Fort’s Pacific Plaza Towers. The building has 80 storeys with a convention center outside the tower’s podium. It is topped with a helipad and a radio-antenna. The signatured design of the helipad is like an oval with large extension on the sides.  The podium of the tower is floored by 3-storey decks that create an exceptional large space for the main entrance. The external facade of the building is glossy blue with visible frame lines. By estimation, with my scale of 1mm:1meter, LG MegaCity Tower will soar the height of about 370 meters above the ground, taller than the Philippines’ tallest structure, the 302-meter Gramercy Residences.


Here are some images taken during the stages of development of the LG MegaCity Tower.

Preparation of the basement

Starting to work on the floors

...more and more floors.

80 floors are placed, height comparison with the 3G Type PointCore Plaza

Placing the glossy blue facade that will simulate the external glass structure of the skyscraper. The convention center at the foot of the tower was created.

Now, let's work on the rooftop. Take note of the rectangular hollow.

Placing the red lights and crown lights. The wire goes down to the battery case inside the "convention center" via a rectangular-shaped hollow inside the structure.

External details was placed. Some initial details during development was changed. The there you have the LG MegaCity Tower!

Change of Plan

The main backbone of naming LG MegaCity Tower as a 4G Type is the addition of LED lights. Initially, the building was planned to use at least 70 LEDs so that most of the floors will have its own light. But the plan was change due to the length of time the power source can hold. The use of at least 70 LEDs can drain the battery for overnight. White LEDs consume more power than red LEDs. Currently, LG MegaCity was done using 5 LEDs (3 red and 2 white).

Just a Hobby

I can’t help but amazed with modern human marvels. Working in Makati is one of the things I am thankful for. I do love modern infrastructures and thinking of designing my own one excites me. I don’t know all the jargons and terms architecture and civil engineering are using. But I know how to feel an emotion behind a design, to read the thoughts a structure wants to express and to see the courage of the mastermind to create innovative style with boldness. I’m not doing this for business. I’m simply doing this for fun.

*I created my own generation types of skyscraper based on its feature (materials, designs, internal structures).



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