“I am Pinoy! I am a Jolly Bee!” by Rizza Sapon



Yum burgers made with 100% pure beef…

 Crsipy French fries…

 Juicylious and crispylicious Chickenjoy…

 Meaty Spaghetti…

 A big red bumble bee…

 We now have JOLLIBEE!!!

It’s almost four months since I started to become part of the Jollibee family. I was fortunately hired as a management trainee of Jollibee. From then on, I have come up to some realizations.

Jollibee is the leading Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) here in our country. It has also started to invade other countries around the world. I was given the chance to find out where the name Jollibee came from. It originated from two words ― “Jolly” and “Bee”. Jolly stands for happy. A bee seems to be singing while working. Rain or shine, it maintains its happy disposition. Bee is also hardworking and it works with other bees as a team. It also produces honey which is sweet and of value. But, a bee fights and stings when provoked. On the other hand, the most admirable about bee is its commitment to the survival of the bee hive because when it stings to defend the hive, it gives up its life in the process.

 After knowing all of these, it made me realized that a bee is actually a symbolism of Filipinos. Let’s correlate it.

Just like bees, Filipinos are naturally happy people. No matter how many problems they encounter they can still manage to smile and be happy. Smiling has always been part of their habits.

Just like bees, Filipinos are also hardworking. I don’t believe that they are totally lazy. It just so happens that some of them were not given the chance to finish their studies or, for some, totally not given the chance to go to school. Thus, they are not qualified enough for some jobs. But, there are still many of them who manage to find work even they weren’t able to finish their studies. They always find ways to have job in order to earn money so as to provide the basic needs of their families. No matter how difficult a particular job is, they would just ignore the hardship as long as for the sake of their families. There are also times that they even do over time just to have an additional amount in their earnings. They always give their full efforts for their jobs.

Just like bees, Filipinos also sting and fight when provoked. They are naturally kind. But in times of needs, they defend themselves. They also give their families high importance thus, they don’t want them to be hurt. So expect that if anybody made something against their love ones, they would do a corresponding act about it.

Filipinos also have teamwork. This is very evident during calamities. Everybody would just be helping each other so as to save and help those who are in need.

Filipinos also have the most admirable characteristic of bees ― the commitment for the survival of the bee hive. In the real world’s case, the bee hive could be equated to our nation. We should not forget our heroes who offered their lives just for the sake of our nation and of every Filipinos. Aside from that, I am also sure that with the kind of families we have, definitely every parent would be very willing to sacrifice everything just for the sake of their children. They are one of the heroes of our generation.

Store in Central, Hongkong

Store in Central, Hongkong

Realizing all of these, I could actually say that Jollibee is really made for every Filipino all over the world. Its success is our success also. It has gone a long way already and for sure as years go by, it will continuously fly high. It will become more and more popular. At the right time it will truly be a GLOBAL BRAND and all of the Filipinos will be admired worldwide. So let us all bee happy and let us all say “I am Pinoy! I am a Jolly Bee!”



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