BSA Twin Towers

BSA Twin Towers

BSA Twin Towers

Well I can say that this twin skyscrapers is the most reknown and familiar high-rise structures to the public of Metro Manila among other buildings in Ortigas Center.  Standing at the height of almost 200 meters behind SM Megamall, the structures become hub of sight especially to those who were passing along EDSA.

Ortigas Center, view from EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

Ortigas Center, view from EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

Ortigas Center, view from above Pasig City

Ortigas Center, view from above Pasig City

Ortigas Center is the second most important financial ground in the Philippines. The BSA Twin Towers are one of the pioneering skyscrapers that shape the skyline of this financial district. The towers are part of the complex St. Francis Square.

BSA Twin Towers

BSA Twin Towers

The construction of these towers started way back 1999 however, until now (January 2011), the polishing is not yet done.Before, as I can remember, 2010, the metal crowns of the twin towers seemed to be rusty. But now they look white. BSA Twin towers are mega condominiums…but not now. I don’t know when. I hope it will not take another years to be finished.
Location: Ortigas Center

Floor count: 55 floors

Architects: R. Villarosa Architects

Official Height: 197 meters


3 thoughts on “BSA Twin Towers

  1. Hi! I see the building daily since I work at Ortigas area. It has gone lots of improvements, really. The entire building was re-painted, facade now improving (almost finished), and the Ground floor (upon visit when we inquired for units) is fast moving. Elegant, I should say. Based from their ads, turn-over is by December 2011. I think I’ll consider this as one of my options since I’m looking for a condo unit within the area.

  2. Very thanks for the comment and for the info! 🙂 It has been, almost, half a year since a had worked in Ortigas Center. I haven’t observed this towers for more than four months. Hopefully, the skyscrapers by the end of the this year. The BSA is a great address to live in, so much to say, the condo is located at the middle of a vast shopping and financial district.

    Thanks for the comment Sandra! 🙂

  3. i think, if i may say, ortigas skyline is a lot better than the makati skyline, their only advantage is that they have the crowning glory of the pbcom tower that the gramercy stole…i like the photo you have for the ortigas skyline…

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