LKG Tower

LKG Tower

LKG Tower

For most of the skyscrapers in Makati, LKG Tower is known for having a large embosed signage along the city’s Ayala Avenue. Soaring at the height of 180 meters, it creates its name over the Makati skylines together with its neighboring RCBC Yuchengco Tower 1, G.T. Tower International and PBCom Tower. It has a diagonally aligned “beam or column” (what so ever it may be called) that makes this skyscraper to be easily identified.

LKG Tower

LKG Tower

People might say that the design is not that attractive. But I find if unique and perhaps, geeks who loves architecture might understand me. It may be not glossy or shinny because its facade is not made fully of glasses, but you can find detailed metal orientations on every of its floor levels.

Location: 6801 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Official Height: 180.1 m (590.88 ft)

Architects: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, Recio + Casas Architects

Floor Counts: 38 aboveground, 5 belowground


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